Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bhagwan Parshuram Life & Methods of Meditations

The birth of Bhagwan Parshuram Ji was on the last day of SAT YUG and The confluence nights of TRAITA YUG, the first GHARI, VAISHAKH Shukla fort night. It was TRITYA or Akhshya Teej, the first day of TRATA YUG, Tuesday Night, time 8 PM to 9 PM, First PRAHAR TULA LAGAN, PUNAR VASU NAK SHASTRA, Six GRAH in own House in High places, RAHU Mithun RASHI:

                                     वैशाखस्‍य सिते पक्षे तृतीया यां पुनर्वसौ।
                                     निशाया: प्रथमे यामे रामारव्‍य: समये हरि:।।
                                     स्‍वोच्‍चगै: षड् गृहै युक्‍ते मिथुने राहु संस्थिते।
                                     रेणुकायास्‍तु योग भार्दव तीर्णो विभु: स्‍वय्।।


Haryana Brahmin Parisangh celebrated the 30th Bhagwan Parshuram Jyanti on 16-5-2010 in captt. Palace, Kansapur Road, Yamuna Nagar under the blessings of Bhagwan Parshuram Ji. No Leader of any influence was there to preside over the Sammelan. It was purely under the guidance of Bhagwan Parshuram.

The Portrait of Bhagwan Parshuram Ji dated 13-11-1992 (Parsnath ji) was displayed before the people for the first time. Arti was Sung. Bhog was distributed. So it is respectfully suggested that it should be observed as a Religions Function like RAM NAUMI, JANAM Ashtmi (Krishan Ji) & RAM TRITYA as (Bhagwan Parshuram Jyanti. It is also called Akshya TRITYA the auspicious day of prosperity and good luck of all the people of the world, without any consideration.

We celebrated the 1,97,12,21,110th (एक अरब सत्तानवे करोड बारह लाख इक्‍कीस हजार एक सौ दसवां) Birth year of Bhagwan Parshuram JI.

Explanation of Time: As on 7th April 2007 = Creation of the Earth.
(Calculations based on Astrological Calculations = 1,97,29,49,108 years
                                                              SATYUG                = 0,00,17,28,000 years
                                                              Hence                      = 1,97,12,21,108 years
                                                              on 12/5/2013      = 1,97,12,21,114 years
This calculation is based upon Righved, Yujarved, Manu Smriti & Purans. Great Indian Astrologers like. Arya Bhatt, Bhaskracharya, Varahmin and Brahmin gupt Propounded on their books.

Birth Place: Parshuram Pariwar is undertaking research in to the correct name of the birth place. According to Dr. D.R. Sharma (Roorki) Heridawar, on page 19, Bhagwan Parshuram Mahagatha Shodh Granth, is Shah Jahanpur in Jalalabad District of U.P State. Dr. Kali Ram Sharma of Ambala Cantt. in his book Parshuram Pataka, wrote Bhargavpur near Khaira Garh Distt. Varanasi (U.P) a great Village Turtipar is also near to Khairagarh.
• Some writers are of the opinion that the birth place is Khandgiri hills in Orrisa State.
• The correct name of the birth place of Bhagwan Parshuram Ji is under our research.

Ancestors of Bhagwan Parshuram Ji: First Rishi of Bhargav Dyansty is Bhrigu
         (Son of Brahma) ♦ BHRIGU ♦ CHAIVAN ♦ DHADHICHI ♦ APANVAN ♦ AURAV
                                            ♦ RICHIK ♦ JAMDAGNI ♦ PARSHURAM

At the Uttarar dhav of SATYUG- King Pururava had Six Sons:
          •  विजय                  कुश
          •  भीम                     Kushambhu
          •  कांचन                  Gadhi
          •  हौत्रा                      Daughter Satywati
          •  जन्‍हु                     (Rishi Richik was Married with Satywati daughter of King Gadhi)
          •  पूरू
          •  बलाक
          •  अजक

Aadi Ram:  Bhagwan Parshu Ram is first (Aadi) Ram.  He is immortal omnipresent and travels with the speed of mind.  He is still meditating in Mahinder Mountains.  First warrior of the Universe who fought for the welfare of the down trodden people of that time.  He is the first socialist leader with democratic approach in his life.  He conquered all islands, countries of that time.  He performed the SMANTAK YAG and donated all the conquered land and countries to Rishi Kashyap ji and went to the hills of Mahinder Mountains.

According to Kalki Puran, Bhagwan Parshu Ram will be the Guru of Kalki Bhagwan.

Bhagwan Parshu Ram Ji gave "Shiv Dhanush to Bhagwan Ram Chander Ji, Shankh & Sudershan Chakra to Bhagwan Krishan Ji.

He is selfless, Akhand Bhramchari, gave salvation to the sufferers of that time. A great humanitarian - my great love and affection to my Guru Bhagwan Parashu Ram Ji.